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Cable Wrap Monitors

Safe Connect Cable Wrap Monitors

Permanent colour change and ideal for extra large cables and pipes where information on elevated temperature events is needed.

Hot Connect Wraps are self adhesive tapes that come in two trigger temperature grades, 70C and 90C.

On reaching the designated trigger temperture the central WHITE band permanently changes colour to a dark GREY and then BLACK.


Distinct Visual Indication to the Naked Eye


Easy to read visual colour change cable wraps can be fitted to any cable size and will permanently change colour from WHITE to BLACK if heated above the designated trigger temperature.

Quick and Easy to Install


The cable wrap is self-adhesive and simply adheres around cables or onto the outside of electrical switch gear or enclosures.

Quick and Easy to Distinct Safety Benefits over Thermal Surveys


The cable wraps provide a 24/7 monitoring and memory colour change (permanent) provide distinct benefits over conventional periodic visual or thermal camera inspections of electrical installations.

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